Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

If there was just one thing that homeowners needed to do in order to cut down on ac repair bills and extend the life of their heating and cooling system it would be knowing how important performing maintenance on your home comfort system really is.

Your home central air conditioner or heat pump system is a complex unit full of mechanical, electrical and electronic components... Can you guess what the #1 enemy to these types of components is. Well if you said Dirt you would be right!

The #1 reason that we see for ac breakdowns and poor indoor air quality is DIRT! Yes, dirt, dust and grime take a toll on your system by not only shortening your comfort systems lifespan but causing unnecessary costly equipment breakdowns along the way.

Now where do we find the most problems with dirt...at the air handler inside your home. This is the part of the system that circulated the air throughout your duct work and distributes the air throughout your home. What we normally see here is that the homeowner forgets to change the filter or the filter moves from the rack and allows dirt and dust to pass the filtration system. What happens is that that the very fine particles in the dust begin to collect on the moist indoor coil reducing the air flow and heat transfer of the coil. This sets of a chain of events that will lead to a costly repair.

Once this dirt becomes heavy enough it can then trigger another problem where it now starts to produce microbial growth which can spread throughout the air handler and make its way into the ductwork and throughout your home. This causes all types of repertory ailments and aggravates allergies and asthma symptoms leading to headaches, lethargy and sinus problems.

Now when it comes to robbing your energy efficiency of the heating and cooling system and increasing your electric bill the indoor coil will effect it, but it is the dirty outdoor condenser coil that will lead to increased utility bills and really shorten the life span of the outdoor unit compressor and components.

Think of the outdoor condenser coil like the radiator of your car. If you were to block off the radiator on your car it would over heat and if you kept driving it like this it would eventually burn up the engine. A similar problem occurs when the coil of your outdoor unit becomes blocked with dirt and yard debris. Your home air conditioning system will start to overheat, lose efficiency and stress all of the other components in the system. This will eventually lead to a costly ac repair or worse a complete heat pump installation.

Air medics has a solution to these and all other ac maintenance problems it's out famous 27 point precision Tune up. Our skilled maintenance technicians will thoroughly inspect and make adjustments as needed to the 27 most important items on your ac or heat pump system. We'll then follow that up with a detailed cleaning of the entire system and notify you of any items that we feel should be addressed in order to prevent a costly repair down the road.

Air Medics offers a onetime precision tune up for $xx dollars or become one of our comfort club members and receive, tune up reminders (phone, text, email or postcard...you choose) so you don't have to even think about your ac anymore, 2 yearly precision tune ups, 15% discount on any repairs needed and priority service if you happen to need home ac repair services. That's right even on the hottest days in the middle of the Jacksonville, FL summer you will "move to the front of the line" of all of our non comfort club members.

93% of all our customers go with the comfort club membership and tell us it pays for itself every year with energy savings, fewer breakdowns and discounts.

Become another satisfied Air Medics Comfort Club Customer. See the full benefits here.

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