Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair

There's nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work in the on a hot summer day in Jacksonville and walking into a hot, muggy house.

Typically you are greeted with that refreshing blast of ice cold air as you open the door.

Air Medics knows this is the last thing you need right now, It can be difficult to find a reliable air conditioner repair service. Even stressful and sometimes an unpleasant experience.

Stress Free Air Conditioning Repair Services

Our goal at Air Medics is to make the experience as pleasant as stress free as possible by providing 24 hour 7 days a week service and never any overtime charges. In most cases we are able to provide prompt same day air conditioning services to the Jacksonville metro area.

Our factory trained technicians will arrive on time in a fully stocked service truck to get your ac system back in working condition fast.

Once the tech arrives they will perform a complete diagnostic of your residential heat or cooling system and provide an upfront flat rate pricing quote on the repair.

Air Medics technicians are trained to look at your complete heating and cooling system. This is important because typically the first ac repair problem that is found may not be the only problem with the system.
There could be an underlying problem that caused the ac part failure. In most cases the failure is usually due to a lack of maintenance. Our technicians understand this and will investigate the entire central ac system to determine if there are any other problems before giving you a flat rate price for the repairs.

How Your Air Conditioning System Works

Your home air conditioning unit is a complicated system full of electrical and mechanical components. Most homeowners only see the thermostat on the wall where they set the temperature and forget about the ac system until it stops working...

Your homes air conditioning system consists of two main systems, the indoor air handler and the outdoor condensing unit. The indoor air handler circulates the air through the duct work in your home and consists of an evaporator coil that allows the circulated air to pass through while the outdoor condensing unit circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator coil.

As the warm humid air in your home passes through the evaporator coils of the indoor air handler the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air lowering the air temperature and at the same time removing humidity from the air. The refrigerant is then circulated to the outdoor condensing unit where the condenser fan motor is moving outdoor air across the coil that the refrigerant is now circulating through, thus removing the heat from the refrigerant into the outdoor atmosphere. As you can see from this very basic description on how your air conditioning system works that there are many parts and items that may become faulty.

The Most Common Ac Repairs

Some of the more common heat pump and home ac repairs that we come across are refrigerant leaks, burned out run capacitors and contactors. Also condenser and evaporator fan motors do fail over time.

We have also found that routine air conditioner maintenance can prevent the majority of these common air condition issues.

We stock the majority of the most common ac repair parts on our trucks and can solve most problems in the first visit.

However if we find that your central ac system in need of a major repair and we do not have the parts in stock at our warehouse then we will need to order the part. This can sometimes take up to 3-5 days depending on where the replacement part is coming from.

If possible Air Medics technicians will do their best to get your ac unit back up and running temporarily until the needed part arrives.

We know how unpleasant it can be to try and sleep in the middle of summer with no ac that's why we do our best to get your system back on line as fast as possible even if it is just a temporary fix until your repair part arrives.

We want to be your go to air conditioning company. Give air Medics a call at 904-601-3344

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