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Top Quality Heat Pump and Air conditioning Replacements

If you find that you are in need of a major ac repair  and you are considering replacing your existing ac or heat pump system, you can count on Air Medics  of Jacksonville to provide the highest quality workmanship backed by some of the top warranties in the area. 


We typically see a few  main types of  ac installations in the Jacksonville and beaches areas. 

Garage air conditioning install done by the crew

Typical Insulated Coffin Box AC Install In Garage

This type of heat pump installation is very common in the Jacksonville area. We typically find these types of installations in the garage area but on occasion they are used for mechanical closet installations.

We usually find an existing wooden coffin box that was installed years ago. Although they are insulated in most cases we find that they are not sealed properly and can really affect the efficiency of your new heating and cooling system. 

Setting the air handler on a pre-made new insulated coffin box and and sealing the system and duct work  correctly makes for a top notch central ac installation. 

We highly recommend upgrading to the insulated air handler coffin box in order to get the full efficiency of your new heat pump system. 


Typical Free Air Heat Pump Replacement In Closet 

We find this type of air handler installation through out the Jacksonville and beaches area. We see this type of central air conditioner installation almost every type of building. From residential single family homes to apartment buildings. 

This type of air conditioning install uses the closet as the return so that is where the name comes from "free air stand".  This set up is used because it is very economical and effective. No return duct work is needed thus saving f money on duct work and materials. Although it saves money some customers complain that some of the rooms furthest away from where the unit is located do not cool evenly. This is usually due to not getting the correct amount of return air while also having inadequate supply air flow.

We typically find an existing wooden platform built out of 2 x 4 and plywood that is usually rotted due to the air handler leaking water over time. 

Using a new metal free air stand on your system replacement allows us to add a secondary drain pan to protect your homes rugs or floors. Also you don't have to worry about the metal frame rotting if you do happen to have an air handler water leak. 

We highly recommend upgrading to the metal free air stand if we find that the wood platform has been damaged by water.  


Heat Pump Air Handler On Return Box With Flex Duct Returns

This type of install is also found throughout the Jacksonville and Jax beaches areas. We see this type of  ac / air handler combo in mostly residential homes. Alot of times in a mechanical closet or the garage.  

We usually see this type of install with the air handler sitting on an existing wooden box return and the flex duct coming out of the attic and connecting into the wooden box.

Like the other wooden box return stands we find we will inspect the return box for damage and air leakage. If it is solid and can be sealed tightly we will reuse the box. In some cases the box is rotted due to previous water leaks and combined with not being sealed correctly can become very dirty and filled with microbal growth. This is not something you want entering your new ac system as well as spreading throughout you homes duct work and indoor air. 

In this case we would recommend replacing the box with  a pre made insulated air handler stand and then reconnecting the existing flex duct return in to the new box. This assures a new clean system with no air leakage and maximum efficiency from you new ac system. 




Attic install of Heat Pump Air Handler 

Although these installations are not as common as the previous three we do find them in many areas of Jax. These are in home where there is usually enough room in the attic to almost stand upright and be able to move around freely.

These are the most difficult and costly of all the installs due to many factors such as getting the air handler in and out of the attic space, working conditions, and the need for more safety features due to its placement and the fact that there is the possibility of water leaks from the air handler.

Air handlers installed in the attic are typically suspended from above or a stand is built from treated lumber to raise the unit up enough to place a secondary drain pan under the unit in case of water leakage.

Attic systems must be properly insulated and sealed due to the extreme temperatures that attics can reach. The slightest air leaks or improper insulation can wreak hvoc on your systems efficiency.

We are not able to offer phone quotes on attic installations due to these factors. Please call to schedule a no obligation in home estimate if you are in need of an attic heat pump replacement. 



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