Fast Hvac Service In Jacksonville

Air Medics has been providing fast, affordable heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) for over 25 years. In this time we have become one of Jacksonville's top HVAC repair and replacement companies.

You can count on us to provide fast reliable service on any make or model of residential heating and cooling equipment. Our factory trained hvac technicians assure that your home's air conditioning system will be fixed right the first time.

Our technicians will arrive on time with all of the most common air conditioner and heat pump replacement parts to get your problem fixed fast and in most cases we are able to repair 92% of the ac problems we are called out on in the first visit.

We know your time is valuable and try to prevent returning to complete the repairs need on your comfort system.

  • Heating (H)

The most common type of heating system we find in the Jacksonville area is a heat pump with backup electric heat strips. This is basically an ac system that reverses the cooling cycle in the winter months to provide heat to the indoor space. If the air temperature outside is too low for the heat pump to keep up with the heating demand then the electric heat will also help heat the house to the desired temperature. Air Medics can repair any type of heat pump or electric heat heating system.

  • Ventilating (V)

When it comes to ventilation we can install and repair any type of ventilation system in your home. The most common one would be an attic ventilation system or a range hood ventilator.

An attic ventilation system helps reduce the load on your ac system by pulling outside air in through your attic and exhausting out the opposite site or through the top of the roof. A roof ventilator can drop the attic temperature by as much 30 degrees reducing the load on your ac and saving you money on your electric bill. Air medics has installed many of these systems around the Jacksonville area.

One of the other unique ventilation system that we install is what is called a whole house ventilator system. This system allows you to bring in fresh outside air and combine it with indoor air in order to improve your overall indoor air quality.

Today's homes are build more air tight than ever and really don't allow any air changes to happen naturally. If your concerned about your indoor air quality then the whole house ventilator would be a great option to look into.

  • Air Conditioning (AC)

When referring to the AC in HVAC this does not just mean air conditioning. This also includes heat pumps, ductless air conditioners, water source ac systems and any type of ac sytem that you would find in a home.

The Ac system in your home operates by moving air across an evaporator coil that is circulating refrigerant (Freon). As the air passes over the coils the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air thus reducing the temperature of the air. In this process humidity is also removed from the indoor air making your house feel much more comfortable.

The refrigerant then moves to the outdoor ac unit and the heat is expelled from the condenser into the environment. The compressor keeps the refrigerant flowing throughout the system until the desired indoor air temperature is reached.

Our hvac techs are the best in the business and know how to find air conditioner and heat pump problems fast and accurately. If you need emergency air conditioner repairs give Air Medics a call at

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